Monday, October 31, 2005


fellow humans. liberals. radicals. dissidents. malcontents.

please, don't be an asshole.

on november second there will be a festival across the country to celebrate the manifest resignation of the imperial leadership. there are some among us who may celebrate, and others who may continue assembling weapons. either way, don't be an asshole.

you know what i mean. you know exactly what i mean

i'm not talking about walking elderly women across the street or road rage or non-violent communication or double-dipping. i'm not talking about racism or sexism or classism or the humiliation, alienation, and self-destructive neuroses that are the trademarks and jingles of the modern amerikan spectacle. i'm talking specifically about one entity:

Dick Cheney And His Robot Heart.

i know many of you will be in the streets or on the sofas cursing and railing against this man, our national vice-president, dick cheney and his robot heart. i know this through induction from my experiences in the last five years, and i know it through my conversations from earlier tonight. and it's killing me.

otherwise rational, caring, generous humans all over our noble country will stand up to spit upon dick cheney and his robot heart. they will (pr/l)oudly evoke their hatred of this man, their complete condemnation of his deeds and plans. they will hold him up to their own subjective standards of morality and, upon his inevitable failure, they will judge him. and judge him harshly.

there will be pacifists proclaiming their hatred of dick cheney and his robot heart.
there will be midwives supporting the death penalty for dick cheney and his robot heart.
there will be hippies reaching into the stygian depths of their negative vocabulary to find words round enough to curse him.

and i say to you that enough is enough. enough of the madness. enough of the hatred. enough of the misunderstanding.

i am not an apologist. i am not making any claims here for or against the morality of dick cheney and his robot heart. i stopped listening to the news when we elected him five years ago and all i've gathered since is that

- we're still at war in iraq
- to ameliorate his heart issues, dick cheney became dick cheney and his robot heart.

all i'm saying is that it's one thing to judge a man's actions and another thing to judge a man. it's a simple and difficult point made by every avatar of higher consciousness we've had the fortune to have amongst us -- from jesus to gandhiji to bob marley. easy to repeat "judge not" and the most narrow path to follow.

and i'm not even asking you to go that far. i'm not vitally upset at the name-calling at the persons of condolezza rice and george bush and whomever else they've hired onto their band of leering pranksters. but it's different, it's very, very, different, with dick cheney and his robot heart.

you see, you can't judge dick cheney and his robot heart by the same standards that you judge yourself or your girlfriend or condolezza rice (if you isn't on this practice of judgment). why? why can't you judge dick cheney and his robot heart by your normal human standards?

your normal human standards are based upon the fact that humans are good, moral, loving creatures. or some version thereof. i hope. that we all have god within us or feel the cosmic vibration or are ultimately redeemable or capable of good or ultimately the same energy puddle or whatever you want to call it. which i think is wonderful and want to encourage, within the confines that these assumptions are based upon humans with our particular and convoluted evolutionary story.
and this doesn't apply to dick cheney and his robot heat because dick cheney and his robot heart is a reptile.

that's right. a reptile. an alien invader reptile with VERY LITTLE IN COMMON with human values.

so why, i ask you WHY, are you going around yelling and screaming about a REPTILE not following traditional HUMAN mores. madness!

pure, pure, madness.

dick cheney and his robot heart is a reptile. please accept it. face the facts. it's clearly the only information.

and then the next time he does something particularly nasty or reptilian (if you happen to have different goals or strategies than his cunning reptilian brain allows, perhaps) you can say to yourself:

"breathe. breathe deeply. understand that dick cheney and his robot heart is a reptile and it's totally ridiculous to criticize him."

you must approach him as you do all of the Universe, whether you perceive it be sentient, animate, mobile, or rational: with the luminous lovelight of the One. indeed it is only the luminous lovelight of the Onelove consciousness that can have ANY GODDAMN EFFECT AT ALL on a reptile.

so please, folks, get it straight.

thank you.


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